Articles for May 2011

Wildly Popular—Riveting exotic gems target consumers’ sweet spot

Excerpts from article by Diana Jarrett, GG, RMV
Canadian Jeweller, May 2011

Vancouver jewellery designer Kristen Eloise Jones, of Queen Bijoux Designs, understand the importance of unusual stones in her original designs. “People fall in love with exotic gems. heir eyes light up and they say, ‘What is it? I have to have it.’ This is exactly how I buy the stones myself,” Jones says.

Jones is drawn to exotic moonstone, and instinctively believes her customers will also appreciate its ethereal and delicate appeal. “I recently showed a client a faceted moonstone, which she thought looked like a lotus flower and now wants it for her wedding ring,” Jones says. She understands that not all exotics will be around forever, or at least when she needs them. “I can always get a diamond or sapphires when I need them, but when a gorgeous exotic comes along, I grab it because I may never see anything like it again.”

Which come first, the design or the gemstone? “With the exotics, I design around the stone.” Jones says. “The gem will be the star of the piece and determines how it’s going to look. Clients appreciate that. They notice how well the stone and metal work together.”